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My Road To Massage Therapy
Under construction for the better part of 10 years. I started with a passion for helping others which transformed into a love for athletic endurance and competition.



Andee Trader Licensed Massage Therapist
Would we work well together?

My style is similar to when you are on a cruise ship. You are enjoying the feeling of the ocean waves, the movement and dance of the boat and the waves eases your body into total relaxation.

This is the feeling I see on the majority of faces leaving our office. “I feel like I’m floating” or “I might need someone to drive me home” is a common experience after a massage with me. I can also provide a therapeutic approach which can be drawn upon from my athletic trainer experience. Trigger points, pinched nerves, myofascial tender spots and many other musculoskeletal conditions can be addressed with our work together.

My Story

I started undergraduate school and completed my degree in athletic training in 2005. Immediately afterwards I worked for a high school sports team where I learned that school does not teach the complexities of athletic movements. The athletic training environment was not suited to my ambitions which led me to the career field in which I completed a massage therapy program from Rogue Community College in 2010. Since then, I have learned so much about biomechanical movements and pain patterns which have led me to enjoy what I do for work every single day. My life consists of playing with my kitty Luca and helping others accomplish the goals they have set for themselves!

Thank you so much for considering Movement Improvement for massage therapy.

I look forward to working together soon!