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If you wish for Movement Improvement LLC to bill a third party for massage services, standard rates apply and are priced in increments of 15 minutes per 1 unit. Once coverage for services has been verified, Movement Improvement LLC will bill and accept payment from a third party on your behalf for massage and/or manual therapy services. In the event that the third party company denies payment or makes partial payment, the primary policy holder is responsible for all of the balance, deductibles, and copayments. Movement Improvement LLC, it’s staff, and subsidiaries will attempt to provide complete and accurate information. Ultimately, YOU are responsible for verifying coverage and benefits for massage and/or manual therapy. In the event that incorrect or inaccurate information is provided regarding massage and/or manual therapy as a covered service under a benefits plan, Movement Improvement LLC , it’s staff, and subsidiaries will not to be held liable for any costs incurred. The primary subscriber of the plan is responsible for all balances, deductibles, copayments, and partial payments to Movement Improvement LLC .***

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